Cinematic visions: time, memory and movement

For this project I gathered archive family photographic material portraying moments of time captured in the past – when all thoughts of the future seemed distant and hopeful – and aimed to draw together these fragments in a narrative which explores the blurring of the recollection of memory.  By using a blend of both digital collaged images and photographed printed acetate transparencies, figures from the family chronicle have been captured to allow the viewer to ponder and reflect on the fragmented narrative, experiencing these transient moments where characters remain semi-revealed, acknowledging both the trials of ordinary people, and the ephemerality of time.  The ‘movement’ of images, captured like the frames of a film, allude to the ‘slippages’ of recollection of memory or where time has degraded or erased the original memories replacing them with layers of opacity.

Hero: 1894-1976
In his shadow: 1929-2005
Haunted by your presence I
Haunted by your presence II
Shall we dance: 1946
Mother: 1927-1995
Lost youth: 1936-1952


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