Living and working in Oxfordshire I am fascinated by human nature and the natural world and both have provided inspiration to explore various themes, including environmental threats such as bee decline.

Recently, inspired by archive family photographic material portraying moments of time captured in the past, I explored the theme of ‘Cinematic visions: time, memory and movement’. My intention being to allow the viewer to ponder and reflect on the fragmented narrative, experiencing transient moments where characters remain semi-revealed, acknowledging both the trials of ordinary people, and the ephemerality of time.

I completed my studies with the Interactive Design Institute and was awarded a First Class BA (Hons) in Fine Art by the University of Hertfordshire in 2018.

I use a combination of traditional fine art media and new media in my studio practice and have exhibited both online and locally, displaying my work which includes textiles, stained glass designs, collage, acrylic, soft pastel with pen and ink via Witney Art Studios and at the West Ox Arts Gallery in Oxfordshire.


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